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COMPUTEX Exhibition

Time:2018-06-12 Views:1269

      Computex Achievo is the second largest international computer show in Asia and is located at the Taipei World Trade Center. Each year, it attracts thousands of companies from all over the world.

       From June 5 to June 20, 2018, my company‘s colleagues took the company‘s main machine, PT7003, TS-R400, TS-901 three machines to participate in the exhibition.

       PT7003 is a multi-functional pos machine that integrates contact, non-contact, magnetic stripe cards; WIFI Bluetooth 4G network; 7-inch touch 3.5 inch display; scanning head; printer; camera in one of the Android system POS machines meet the diverse needs of global customers.

       TS-R400 is a high-speed, high-industry-index, multi-function, 4-inch printer with dust and drop resistance.

       The TS-902 is a portable, button-based POS that combines functions such as scanning and card reading.

       Our company was fortunate to participate in the computex exhibition and gained a lot in this exhibition. It not only showed customers from all over the world the advantages of our company‘s POS machines and printers in terms of functions, adaptability to market demands, high quality, etc., but also outstanding performance in the same industry. Businesses communicate and learn from each other‘s strengths, learn about the world‘s market dynamics, demand trends in real time, and better provide customers with machines that meet their needs, better promote the development of science and technology, and regard global scientific and technological development as their own responsibility. The progress will be minimalistic.

        In the course of the exhibition, the company‘s colleagues warmly received every customer, carefully explained the working principle of the machine from the appearance to the main board material, and then to the software system programming, etc., used professional qualities to persuade the customers, and conquered the customers with high-quality products, allowing the customers to Our products are full of confidence. What we bring to our customers is not only the interests but also the quality. Just like our corporate purpose, we focus on quality.

         In general, we have gained a lot in this exhibition and will continue this spirit to every future show to satisfy our customers and make a worthwhile trip.
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