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Company products to Europe participation EUROCIS.

Time:2018-01-19 Views:1340

Under the international background of economic globalization, more and more foreign enterprises have entered China, and more and more Chinese enterprises have gone to the world.

Who will be the "east undefeated" in the new era when "the great river has gone to the sea"? The successful export must win the magic weapon, with this idea, our products go to Europe.

The company decides that the foreign trade personnel will join EuroCIS in Germany from February 28, 2018 to March 1, 2018. The products are pt-7003, pt-7004, I451 and so on.

Company through contact with the customer at the scene, get a line sales leads, follow up late can do sign the bill, and expand the company‘s visibility and influence to increase the visibility in front of the overseas buyers, leave a deeper impression of the company, buyers to know the latest trend products, so as to further improve their products for our customers to provide more perfect service.

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